General Care Routine For Trees and Shrubs

To many people the variety of products available to care for trees and shrubs are incredibly confusing and intimidating. With this in mind, we have put together a simple care routine that will take very little time.

The application of a copper spray such as Later’s Copper once in the spring and once in the fall will help to prevent most fungal diseases and even some bacterial diseases. This product usually comes as a suspension that is mixed with water according to the products directions and then is sprayed over the foliage, branches and main trunk of the tree. The application of the product Cygon 2E will prevent infestations of many insects that feed on the juices and foliage of trees and shrubs if applied once in the spring, and once more in the summer. This is a systemic insecticide, which means that it is absorbed into the plants vascular system and spread throughout the plant. When an insect feeds on the tree it ingests the insecticide and is killed. Cygon comes as a liquid and can be applied in two ways. It can be painted on the trunk of the tree in a one to two inch band. It can also be mixed with water according to the package directions and watered onto the roots. Both methods of application are equally effective.

Another measure of protection worth taking is to whitewash the bark of the main trunk of a tree in the fall. The winter sun is strong and often thaws the bark on the South and East sides of a tree. When this happens, the bark is often attacked by fungi and begins to rot. These fungi will spread throughout the entire trunk of the tree and spread to the branches. It will eventually kill the tree. These types of infection are usually fatal, because they spread very quickly and the only method of treatment is to remove the infected wood. So to prevent this, white wash the bark of your trees on the South and East sides, or cover the trunks in a wrap for the winter months to reflect the suns rays and prevent this from occurring again. Trees with shiny bark are more susceptible to this problem.

Another important aspect of tree and shrub care is to prune out all dead wood regularly. This is important because dead wood attracts fungal diseases and insects, which lead to the death of a tree. To prevent this always do a routine check of your trees in the spring for dead wood and remove it.