Motivating & Inspiring Teams Workshop

Hands for teamMotivating & Inspiring Teams (1 day workshop)
(Part of ACC Leadership Development Program)
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Louis Riel Room, Main Floor – McMaster Hall

Highly functioning teams lead to a highly productive, creative, and satisfying workplace, but good teams don’t happen by accident.  Good teams are the product of capable and dynamic leadership.

This workshop will increase participants’ leadership skills, enhance their knowledge of group dynamics, and improve their ability to analyze and assess team effectiveness.  Participants will gain concrete skills, tools, and strategies that can be readily applied to help create a well-functioning workplace.

Course Objectives:

Participants attending this workshop will…

  • reflect on and learn from their own leadership strengths and growth areas
  • identify the characteristics of a good team leader
  • learn to identify the stages of team development and what to do when new people enter a team
  • identify the strengths and weakness in their own workplace or teams that have been inherited – and what to do about them
  • increase appreciation of differences and gain ability to leverage diversity
  • gain skills for handling group conflict, such as Conflict Resolution Protocol’s Increase Skills for Leading Effective Meetings
  • expand their ability to stimulate creativity in the workplace

About the Facilitator:

Karen Ridd is a mediator and educator with experience overseas and throughout North America.  Karen has worked in the field of conflict resolution for 18 years, including the position of Training Coordinator for Mediation Services of Winnipeg.  Karen has remarkable versatility.  Clients for whom Karen has worked include:

  • Health Sciences Centre,
  • Government of Manitoba Department of Corrections,
  • City of Winnipeg Social Services,
  • RCMP,
  • International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice Thailand,
  • Centre for Conflict Resolution St. John’s Newfoundland,
  • and the University of Manitoba.

Karen has received numerous awards for her work, including the 1992 Governor-General’s Award: Government of Canada 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation Medal, the 1990 Canada YM/YWCA Peace Medal, and the 1989 Manitoba International Human Rights Achievement Award.

Karen is presently employed as an instructor in Conflict Resolutions Studies at Menno Simons College of the University of Winnipeg, is an associate and volunteer with Mediation Services of Winnipeg, and an associate of Training for Change in Philadelphia.