Information about Recruitment Agents and Representatives

Brandon University currently has active contracts with the following regional/country representatives:


  • Paul Xu, ICCRC  – representative in China
  • Jenny Gumbs  – representative in the Caribbean
  • Elizabeth Oduntan, ICCRC – representative in Nigeria

Brandon University currently has active contracts with the following recruitment agents:


  • Roland Liwanag  – recruiting in Philippines
  • Pavel Antipov – recruiting in Russia
  • Maryam Yusuf – recruiting in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Violet Matani – recruiting in Zimbabwe
  • Horizon International Canada Education Inc. – recruiting in Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Indonesia, & Japan
  • Kari Davis, RCIC – recruiting in Caribbean
  • ELI of Canada – recruiting worldwide
  • Kruger Immigration Services – recruiting in South Africa, Malaysia and Korea
  • Nkemjika Franklin Amaechi recruiting in Togo, Nigeria and the United Kingdom
  • Dr. Cyril Okoye, Lawz Group International – Nigeria, Ghana
  • Yiwii Immigration – China
  • Ambrose Ndhlovu, Magstell Global Strategies Inc. – South Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Adeola Igbalajobi, RCIC – recruiting in Nigeria
  • EdmEducation Co. Ltd. – recruiting in South Korea
  • Network Canada, Inc. – recruiting South America, Philippines, Japan, UAE, Russia
  • Landmark Immigration Ltd. – recruiting in India
  • Europe Education Providers – recruiting in India