Mac OS X 10.4

These are the instructions for configuring an eduroam wireless connection while visiting another institution and while working on a Mac OS X 10.4.

Before starting please ensure the institution you are visiting is an eduroam participating institution.

To Configure

  1. Open Systems Preferences in the Apple Menu
  2. Click on the Network preferences panel
  3. Select the airport connection and click the configure button
  4. On this screen click the “+” sign to add a new network connection
  5. Choose eduroam as the network and fill in the fields with your and password.
  6. Once complete, it will return you to the main network configuration screen.
  7. Click the TCP;IP tab and click Configure IPv6
  8. When the IPv6 configuration window opens, select “Off” and click “OK”
  9. You will then be prompted to verify a certificate, select “Show Certificate”
  10. In the certificate screen, check the box beside, “Always trust these certificates”. This way you will not be prompted every time you connect to the eduroam wireless system.
  11. Click Continue

You should now be connected to the eduroam wireless connection.