Research Assistant III Gender & Women’s Studies/Sociology

Research Assistant IIIĀ 
Dept. Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology
Due date: Jan 20, 2020
Date range: Feb 1, 2020- July 30, 2020
Hours: 60 hours

Wage/Salary: $15.63/hr (SAIV or RAIII)


1. Create website, social media, listserv
2. Search BU library holdings for peer-reviewed literature
3. Organize findings in Endnotes
4. Collect and manage media articles and blogs
5. Locate institutional policies on sexualized violence and organize policies using Excel database.


Prior experience as a research assistant, preferably in the social sciences
Degree (in progress) in the social sciences, preferably Sociology and/or Gender and Women’s Studies
Website design experience is a must
Experience with Endnotes is an asset
Understanding of, and willingness to work with, feminist, anti-racist, decolonial, and queer theoretical analyses of sexualized violence

To apply: Send a cover letter explaining your qualifications, resume, and if possible, name of previous employer at Brandon University (reference check) to Dr. Corinne L. Mason e: