Sessional Instructor Opportunities, Faculty of Arts (Spring/Summer 2019)

The Faculty of Arts is seeking qualified sessional instructors to teach the following courses at the Brandon University Campus for the 2019 Spring/Summer session. Please apply by submitting a letter of application, curriculum vitae and the names of three referees in a single pdf file to the individual named below each specific course. Courses will run based on sufficient enrollment and budgetary restrictions.


Qualifications:                     A PhD is preferred; Master’s Degree or equivalent required

Start date:                             As noted by course

Salary:                                    $6,205/3 credit hour course

Application Deadline:         March 1, 2019


16:090 Bookkeeping                                             Summer Session Term 2, July 29 to August 21

This course is required for students intending to take 16:151 who have no prior background in accounting. It introduces students to the fundamentals of bookkeeping, from a manual perspective and also with the use of accounting software. Please apply to Professor Heather Gillander


16:160 Business Communications                               Spring Session Term 2, June 3 to June 24

The objective of this course is to provide students with the tools for effective written and oral communications in a business context. Written communications include business letters, reports and proposals. Oral communications include debates, speeches and presentations. Please apply to Professor Heather Gillander


16:191 Introduction to Canadian Business                Summer Session Term 1, July 2 to July 24

This course is designed to introduce students to concepts of business management, the business organization and the environment in which the organization must operate. Basic concepts from the different functional areas of the firm will be studied (finance, personnel, marketing and procurement/production). The relevance to management decision-making of the constantly changing and interacting social, cultural, ethical, political, legal, economic and technological environments of the business organization will also be examined. Please apply to Professor Heather Gillander


30:145 Contemporary Literature                                    Summer Session Term 1, July 2 to July 24

This survey introduces students to a rich variety of fiction, poetry, and drama in English, with focus on particular nations or cultural themes. Each section of the course is unique and is designed for students to learn the vocabulary of literary studies. The course emphasizes writing skills, with at least three essay assignments, and students will receive help, wherever needed, in planning, developing, and writing effective essays. Please apply to Dr. Barbara Rose


30:151 University Writing                                     Spring Session Both terms, May 6 to June 25

This course introduces students to the different kinds of scholarly writing and reading that university demands of them. Students will learn basic techniques in criticism, essay evaluation, and critique of their own work. University Writing is not a remedial course, and students are assumed to be competent (though not necessarily highly proficient) in format, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, simple paragraphing, and development of a basic thesis statement. Some time may be spent in class, however, on the elementary principles of good writing, at the discretion of the instructor. There may also be some time spent on the history of the English language. This writing intensive course is designed for all university students who wish to improve their compositional skills. Please apply to Dr. Barbara Rose


30:274 Creative Writing                                                    Spring Session Term 1, May 6 to May 29

Creative Writing provides students with an organized and intensive approach to writing fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, drama, and film. The course requires the completion of in-class exercises, regular writing assignments, a term project, and readings from various genres and critical perspectives. Topics for study include structure, style, voice, genre, audience, narrative, and meaning. The course will stress the important relationship between writing and reading. Please apply to Dr. Barbara Rose


54:153 World History to 1500                                         Summer Session Term 1, July 2 to July 23

This is an introductory survey of world history to 1500 giving students an overview of both Western and non-Western cultures and civilizations. Topics will include ancient India, China in antiquity, Athenian democracy, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the emergence and spread of Islamic civilization, early Africa, medieval Europe, the rise of the nation state and the Renaissance, and the New World before European contact. This course is designed to introduce students to the discipline of history by considering the broad range of influences that have shaped the modern world. Please apply to Dr. David Winter


54:155 Canada to Confederation                                   Spring Session Term 1, May 6 to May 29

A survey of the history of the peoples of the northern half of North America until Canadian Confederation. Please apply to Dr. David Winter


54:156 Canada to Confederation                                   Spring Session Term 2, June 3 to June 24

A survey of the history of Canada from Confederation to the present. Please apply to Dr. David Winter


Brandon University is committed to equity, welcomes diversity, and hires on the basis of merit. All qualified individuals who may contribute to the diversification of the University, especially women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous persons, racialized persons, and persons of all sexual orientations and genders are encouraged to apply. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are given priority. Evidence of citizenship must be provided.

To ensure this employment opportunity is accessible to all interested individuals, please advise of any accessibility needs by contacting the Human Resources office at (204) 727-9782 or posting is available in an alternate format.

Issued: February 13 2019