Sessional Instructors, Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is seeking qualified sessional instructors to teach the following courses at the Brandon University Campus for the 2020/21 Regular session. Due to COVID-19, the Winter term courses will be delivered in a synchronous online format. Please apply by submitting a letter of application, curriculum vitae and the names of three referees in a single pdf file to the individual named below each specific course. Courses will run based on sufficient enrollment and budgetary restrictions.  For exact course times, please consult the Registration Guide at


Qualifications:                    A PhD is preferred; Master’s Degree or equivalent required

Start date:                         As noted by course in Registration Guide

(Winter term begins January 5, 2021)

Salary:                               $6,205/3 credit hour course

Application Deadline:         October 30, 2020



70:240 LOGIC                                                                                                    Winter term

Logic is the study of human reasoning. When is an argument valid? How can we tell when one statement logically supports another? The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with formal methods for representing and evaluating arguments and reasoning. After introducing students to methods needed to translate English sentences into their logical equivalents in sentential and predicate logic, students will learn to evaluate the validity of inferences through syntactical and semantic methods. The methods learned in this course can be used not only for philosophy, but for any subject matter.

Please apply to Dr. Cameron Boult at

Sociology/Gender & Women’s Studies

90/36:445 SEX AND THE STATE                                                                        Winter term

This course explores the ways in which the state regulates love, intimacy and sexuality. Students will learn the theoretical approaches to the Law in Sociological thought, and use them as frames to study a number of relevant themes in the regulation of sexuality by the state. Themes explored will include the transformation of state-sanctioned conjugal unions, from heterosexual marriage, to common-law unions, to civil same-sec marriage; the prosecution of sexual dissidents; intimate partner violence; sexual violence; abortion and reproductive justice; sex work and human trafficking; BDSM; obscenity law and pornography; the regulation of sexual public spaces (public sex clubs, bathhouses, dungeons). We will move beyond an examination of these concepts in the law, and dedicate attention to prosecution cases and defense tactics in the courts, as well as the evolution of police practices adopted in first contact with perpetrators and victims alike.

Please apply to Dr. Serena Petrella at

Gender & Women’s Studies

36:162 MAKING SENSE OF GENDER                                                                Winter term

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of Gender and Women’s Studies. This course explores the social construction and performance of gender, gender binary, and gender variance. Feminist intersectional theory will underscore the exploration of gender in this course. Topics of this class may include the social construction of femininity and masculinity; the medical construction of sex; representations of gender in the media; Two Spirit, genderqueer, and trans* identities and experiences; disability; race; colonialization; and violence. This course has a Canadian focus, but also aims to decenter North American gendered experiences.

Please apply to Dr. Serena Petrella at

36:366 CRITICAL READINGS IN GENDER                                                         Winter term

An advanced course dealing with some of the major works and key debates in feminist theory and gender studies. Course objectives include learning how to read texts carefully and critically; reading texts with an eye to situating them within the historical and social conditions in which they were written; identifying major sub-areas within feminist theory; and identifying linkages between feminist theory and other schools of critical thinking including Marxism, post-colonial theory, post-structuralism, queer theory and cultural studies.

Please apply to Dr. Serena Petrella at


58:FREN:152 INTRODUCTORY FRENCH II                                                        Winter term

This is a continuation of 58:FREN:151. This course aims to provide knowledge of basic French grammar and vocabulary, and to develop reading, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Following this course, students proceed to Intermediate French I and II.

Please apply to Dr. Denis Combet at

Brandon University is committed to equity, welcomes diversity, and hires on the basis of merit.  All qualified individuals who may contribute to the diversification of the University, especially women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous persons, racialized persons, and persons of all sexual orientations and genders are encouraged to apply.  Canadian citizens and permanent residents are given priority.  Evidence of citizenship must be provided.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and barrier-free work environment.  This starts with the hiring process.  If you require an accommodation during any phase of the evaluation process, please indicate it in your cover letter.  All information received related to an accommodation is kept confidential.  To ensure this employment opportunity is accessible to all interested individuals, this posting is available in an alternate format upon request.

Issued October 6, 2020