Department Chair/Coordinator Resources

The Department Chair/Coordinator plays an integral role in advancing the interests and vision of their department for their programs and students. The Department Chairperson/Coordinator at Brandon University:

  • coordinates, facilitates, and expedites matters pertaining to the operation of the department/program,
  • ensures departmental/program policy decisions are carried out,
  • and demonstrates initiative and leadership in the conduct of department/program business.

Resources & Links

Each faculty and department will have processes or approaches to work that vary, given their unique areas of focus.  There are, however, certain processes that serve a collective purpose and to be able to achieve the desired outcome, clarity around what needs to happen and by whom is essential.

This page offers at-a-glance links and resources in support of the Department Chair/Coordinator. If you require more in-depth support, however, these cannot replace the value of:

  • conversation with your Dean/Director and colleagues
  • referencing the BUFA collective agreement and relevant policies
BU Resources

Department Chair – Important Dates & Actions (By Process)

Department Chair Calendar – Important Dates & Actions (By Month)

BUFA Collective Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, Memorandums of Agreement

BU Policies

Sessional Instructor Recruitment Checklist

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