Recruitment & Hiring at BU

Two women in interview

In an ongoing effort to ensure our recruitment efforts are consistent, fair and equitable, online training has been developed for faculty and non-academic selection committees.  This training is an enhanced version of the former in-person workshops and affords more flexibility by using an online platform.

To access the 30 minute training modules:

  1. Visit the BU Moodle site at
  2. Log in using your Novell Username and password
  3. Under Course Categories, click (00) Communication Websites
  4. Click Recruitment & Hiring Training Modules
  5. You will be prompted to enter an enrollment key (provided on the login page), click Enroll Me
  6. Click on the appropriate link for the type of position you are hiring for (either Faculty or Non-Academic training)

Quick Access Guide for further support for accessing the training modules.

You will also find a link for the training on the HR Recruitment webpage at  The guides to faculty and non-faculty recruitment can also be found on this webpage.