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Library Donations

The John E. Robbins Library welcomes gifts of books and other information resources that extend and complement existing collections. The library is specifically interested in resources pertaining to Manitoba local and regional history, and those pertaining to Indigenous language, literature, culture, traditions, worldviews, etc.—particularly about Indigenous peoples living in Canada. Materials that the Library needs may include any of the following if they support current teaching and research undertaken at the university:

  • Recently published scholarly monographs
  • Older works of lasting importance in good condition
  • Scores
  • Archival material
  • Back runs of scholarly journals if the volumes fill gaps in the collection

Because of the high cost of processing and storing material, the Library is unable to accept all offers of donation. The following materials are not normally suitable for donation:

  • Textbooks and workbooks
  • Popular paperbacks
  • Inspirational literature
  • Duplicates of material already held in the collection
  • Outdated, superseded titles
  • Self-published material
  • Popular magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Scattered or single issues of periodicals
  • Material in poor condition including material with highlighting or underlining
  • Material with annotations unless the annotations are of scholarly interest
  • Offprints of journal articles
  • Materials requiring technology which the library no longer supports (LPs, VHS, compact discs, DVDs)
  • Any material that has been copied
  • Material to which the donor has attached restrictions
  • Computer software

Obligations of Donors

Donors are asked to contact the appropriate Library staff before sending any items to the library.

  • To enquire about donating scholarly journals contact Kirsten Bambridge Phone # 727-9643 email
  • To enquire about donating archival materials contact Christy Henry Phone # 727-9634 email
  • To enquire about donating any other materials contact the library’s donation coordinator Donna Lowe Phone # 727 9630 email

If the collection being offered includes more than 20 items, donors are required to provide the Library with an itemized list. In the case of very large collection, it may be necessary to examine the collection in situ.

All donors must complete a donation form, which can be obtained from the Library’s Donations Coordinator.

If an income tax receipt is required, the Donor should indicate this at the outset of the donation. Tax receipts will be issued only for material that the library adds to the collection. No tax receipts will be issued for material purchased with University funds or for complementary copies.

Collection appraisals are based on Fair Market Value as set out in the Gifts and Income tax act. For gifts valued at $1,000 or less the Library can determine fair market value. However donations in excess of $1,000 require an arms-length appraisal. Donors will be required to fund any such appraisals. For more information on the tax implications of donations check

Library Obligations

Where possible the Library will determine fair market value in accordance with requirements set out by Revenue Canada.

Tax receipts will be issued in accordance with the Revenue Canada Guidelines.

A letter of acknowledgement will be sent if

  • The donor is a faculty member
  • A tax receipt is required
  • Acknowledgement is required by the donor

All donated materials become the property of the Library. The Library reserves the right to keep items or to dispose of items as deemed appropriate. Items that are not added to the collection may be sold to a bookseller, discarded or disposed of by other means.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any gift or donation that requires space, processing or preservation that the library deems prohibitive.

For more information and further details, please refer to the Library’s Collections Policy.

Anyone having questions or concerns should contact the Chief Information Officer at 727-9688.

All above information is subject to the Library Collections Policy, last approved by Senate 14 June 2022.