Take part in increasing awareness about mental health on the Prairies by participating as an exhibitor during the Mental Health on the Prairies Conference and Community Gathering. This exhibit gathers non-profit local organizations inclined at providing services relating to mental health and wellness for the community.

General Exhibitor Information

  • ┬áSpots for displays are limited.
  • Interested exhibitors will register as a participant on the online Registration Form.
  • If more than one exhibitor from your organization will attend the conference, it is expected that all exhibitors will register individually.
  • Exhibitors are expected to man their booths during breaks and lunch times hence they may participate in all of the conference activities throughout the day.
  • Exhibitors must email display requirements (e.g. table, power [limited access to power is available], etc.) to the email address provided below.

For more information about exhibiting during the conference, please email PrairieHealthConference@BrandonU.ca. Thank you.