Analytical Software

INCA Energy and Feature


INCA Feature sets new standards for accuracy, reliability, and productivity in feature analysis applications. It offers high-performance detection, analysis and classification of the features in a specimen, whether they be, for example, embedded mineral grains, inclusions in steel, gunshot residue or the constituents of a pharmaceutical powder. The new tool will prove invaluable in applications like checking for the presence and source of contaminants in, say, the production of disk drives or automotive components, or identifying the type and density of inclusions in a steel rod. It provides fast, accurate information about feature morphology and chemistry.

  • Full Quant, Cameo, and Spectrum Matching are available for classification by chemistry
  • Beam and stage positions of all features are stored with data
  • Features can be reclassified using different classification schemes
  • Graphical tools are provided for easy data manipulation and display


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