Getting Started with Courses

Online courses differ from on-campus courses in a number of areas.  Specifically: the start date of the class is not identified in the registration guide; the text needs to be obtained in advance; and an enrollment key is required to access the course.  In an effort to provide some consistency in how this information is made available to students, faculty have agreed that online graduate courses will begin and end on the dates identified in the Brandon University Graduate Calendar (see section 1, Important Dates).  Faculty have also agreed to distribute the course syllabus, and the enrollment key for the course, at least three weeks in advance of the course start date.

The syllabus will include information on the course text.  The text may be purchased through Campus Books or through other means (e.g. online sources), but should be obtained in advance of the course start date.

Enrolled students will be identified using the class list provided by Financial and Registration Services.  Students who enroll for the course in the month before the class start date will be responsible to contact the instructor to request the syllabus and enrollment key.

The syllabus and enrollment key will be sent to the student’s BU email address.  Please check your BU e-mail regularly for important information.

Note that, even with the enrollment key, students will not be able to access the course until the date selected by course instructor.  Typically, access will be provided about a week in advance of the course start date.  If access will be provided earlier, or later, than a week before course start, the instructor will provide the access date along with the enrollment key.