Attendance Policy

Regular attendance in class is essential to student success.  Therefore, all students are expected to prepare for and attend all classes in all courses.  Instructors may implement specific attendance requirements.  Such requirements must be outlined in the course syllabus and be clearly communicated to students.  Requirements should include the following:  a clear statement of the requirement; a clear statement of consequences for failing to meet the requirement; and exceptions and modalities for being excused from attendance.  Where absence is involved, make-up time and assignments may be required.  Students failing to meet mandatory attendance requirements may be subject to academic penalties (as prescribed in the course outline).  (Attendance clause 3.12.1, in the current calendar)

As with all academic regulations, students are advised to be aware of the University’s Student Grievance Procedure and Grade Appeal processes as outlined in the Calendar (clause – 3.15.3  in current calendar).