Room Schedules

The School of Music classrooms, halls and lounges are scheduled for classes, rehearsals and other events by the Office Staff.

Please check the room schedule below for the availability of the room you would like to book.

Student Lounge, Room 0-01

Classroom, Room 0-04

Large Practice/Ensemble Room 0-05

Drum-Set Studio, Room 0-18

Board Room 1-08

Faculty Lounge 1-13

Kinsmen Rehearsal Hall 1-20

Percussion Studio 1-21

Ensemble Room 1-26

    Sessional Studio, Room 1-39

    Suzuki Room, Room 1-43

    Green Room, Room 1-56

    R.D. Bell Hall, Room 1-57

    Lorne Watson Recital Hall

    Check the schedule and policies and then complete a booking form if you wish to schedule an event in the Lorne Watson Recital Hall.

    • Lorne Watson Recital Hall Policies
    • Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, we are not accepting electronic room requests. Please forward room booking inquiries to the Music Office at

    Classroom 2-02