New Book Demystifies Good Writing

March 4, 2014

BRANDON, MB – A Brandon University (BU) professor has published a new book that gives parents and teachers unpretentious and easy-to-follow help in teaching grammar and punctuation to people of all ages.

Dr. Marion Terry, book launch, March 2014 (web)”I have been told that my approach is one-of-a-kind,” says Dr. Marion Terry, Department of Education-Graduate Studies, and author of Teaching Grammar and Punctuation in the Twenty-First Century. “More than just a collection of rules, I offer ways to effectively teach the fundamentals within the context of a given person’s writing.”

Dr. Terry wrote the book, her first, at the urging of her university students, who would graduate to become teachers and use her ideas and techniques in their own classrooms. “I have drawn from my experiences as an academic, primary and secondary school teacher in Manitoba, and adult education coordinator in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.”

“For the last 25 years,” says BU’s Dean of Education, Dr. Heather Duncan, “we have focused on expression rather than the mechanics of literacy, driven by techno tools including emails and texting where brevity is a prime consideration. Marion’s book is a powerful teaching resource as we work to correct those bad habits.”

Published by Oxford University Press, Teaching Grammar and Punctuation in the Twenty-First Century is available online at, and locally at the BU campus bookstore. The online companion to the book has curriculum guides for all provinces to assist users in applying the knowledge to their particular audience.

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For more information, please contact:
Dr. Marion Terry
Dept. of Education-Graduate Studies
Dr. Heather Duncan
Dean of Education
204- 727-9656