Lunenburg County calls for action

May 26, 2014

Now Lunenburg County! from LighthouseNOW on Vimeo.

Taking action is a familiar refrain for many in rural development and is often what is needed in small towns and rural areas. This is exactly what an enspirited group in Lunenburg County Nova Scotia are doing. They are using a video, see link below, and other means to reach across their community to people that want to and are making a difference. They want to join their activities into a shared vision while achieving strategic priorities. Planning is needed and seen as a necessity, but only along side of taking action. This means the they are, not waiting until a plan is done, often months later and when local interests have waned. Their approach recognizes that many things are already happening, so how can they re-energize and reinforce actions all the while infusing members busy at community activities with crafting a larger collective vision, planning, and even more action.

For more information, please contact:

Rural Development Institute