Agrarian Reform in Brazil

August 1, 2015

As the issue of food insecurity is becoming more and more wide spread, there has been an increasing amount of research conducted in order to understand why, and to find solutions to this crisis. Dr. Wilder Robles, assistant professor of Rural Development at Brandon University, and Henry Veltmeyer, research professor at Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexico are co-authors of The Politics of Agrarian Reform in Brazil. In their new book, the authors discuss the interrelationships among peasant mobalization, agrarian reform and cooperativism in contemporary Brazil. The Landless Rural Workers Movement is explored, and its politics of land occupation and agricultural cooperativism, as well as how the rapid expansion of the corporate-led agribusiness model, has undermined these efforts. This book explores global hunger and the reasons why it is still an unsolved issue around the globe.

You can find a sample of the book here.

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