An honour to be (almost) nominated

January 14, 2016

Julian Beutel
Julian Beutel scored the music for 'An Object at Rest,' which was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination.

A thrilling ride for Brandon University School of Music graduate Julian Beutel and his filmmaking partner Seth Boyden has come to an end.

After making the top-10 shortlist in the Best Animated Short Film category for this year’s Academy Awards, Boyden’s An Object at Rest, with music composed and performed by Beutel, was not one of the final five nominees announced on Thursday.

“I’m very grateful to have been involved in the making of this film, and honoured that it had been listed among the work of such esteemed filmmakers and artists,” Beutel said on Thursday. “Good luck to the final nominees.”

A native of Melville, Sask., who now lives in Winnipeg, Beutel met Boyden at the California Institute of the Arts, where the trumpet player earned his master’s degree in fine arts after graduating from BU with a bachelor of music. They worked together on a series of shorts leading up to An Object at Rest, Boyden’s senior film.

Beutel has no immediate plans to jump back into scoring films, although he did collaborate with Boyden again in October for the minute-long Memory Sprint. For now he is focusing on writing and performing his own music, as well as some work on corporate videos, but he’s open to opportunities.

“The cool thing about music is that there are lots of streams to explore in composition,” Beutel said. “Film scoring is just one avenue.”