Brandon University continues strong enrolment growth

November 6, 2017

Brandon University’s enrolment is officially 3,553 students for its 50th anniversary 2017–18 year, an impressive eight per cent increase over last year’s enrolment numbers.

This year’s growth builds on a seven per cent increase in student head count last year, and is the fifth straight year of increased enrolment at BU. Over that time, the student population has increased by more than 22 per cent.

While this year’s strong enrolment was evident as early as midsummer, thanks to burgeoning application and registration numbers, BU waits to conduct its annual census until Nov. 1 each year, to best account for late registrations and for students who add or drop individual classes, which can change full- and part-time numbers.

The number of classes taken by students also climbed, with the university providing a total of 68,145 credit hours of instruction this year, an increase of seven per cent over last year’s numbers.

There was exceptional growth in international students, which climbed 31 per cent to 345, and students who self-identify as Indigenous, which climbed more than 20 per cent to 484.

Additional statistics are available at the Brandon University Institutional Data & Analysis page.

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