Brandon University opens multi-faith prayer and meditation space

March 22, 2019

A man holds a piece of paper while speaking. Another man stands on the left of the picture, while three other men stand on the right side of the photo.
Dr. Faiz Ahmad, a Professor in Brandon University's Department of Biology, speaks during the opening of the new multi-faith prayer and meditation space.

Members of the Brandon University community have a new space on campus for private prayer, religious reflection and meditation with the opening today of a dedicated multi-faith in the Queen Elizabeth II Music Building.

“The diverse range of people that we welcome at Brandon University, including people of numerous faiths and beliefs, drives so much of the energy and success on campus. We are happy to create a new space that can better accommodate these kinds of needs,” said BU Dean of Students Katie Gross. “I really credit BU students for identifying this opportunity in the first place and working with us to find a solution.”

The new space is located in a naturally quiet area, and features accommodations for adherents of faiths that require the removal of shoes or the washing of hands and feet. It is carpeted, has a shoe rack, and has been fitted with an ablution station.