BU recognizes longtime employees

December 13, 2019

Profile photo of a woman and a man shaking hands
Physical Education Professor and Mini University Director Nancy Stanley, left, is congratulated on 50 years of service by Brandon University President David Docherty at the long-term service reception.

A remarkable 50 years of service by Dr. Nancy Stanley was among the highlights as Brandon University recognized the efforts of longtime members of its faculty and staff on Thursday.

The University held its annual Long Service Employee Recognition Event, honouring those who reached benchmarks of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 years in 2019. A total of 40 employees, with nearly 800 cumulative years of experience, were presented with commemorative pins to mark their accomplishment.

Stanley is the first employee since BU began holding its’ long-service recognition event to reach 50 years, and her connection to the institution goes back even farther. She graduated from Brandon College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in 1965 and a Certificate of Education in 1966. The following year, in 1967, the College received its charter and became Brandon University.

Stanley continues to make great contributions to BU as a Professor in the Department of Physical Education and the Director of the popular Mini University program, which she founded in 1984.

Among the others who were recognized on Thursday were Joyce Burba in the School of Music (45 years) and Carol Bowers (40 years) and Koren Hamilton (35 years) in Food Services.

Please see below for a photo gallery from the event.