Louis Riel portrait will be displayed in Louis Riel Room

February 25, 2020

BU President David Docherty accepts a portrait of Louis Riel, presented by MMF vice-president Leah La Plante.

Brandon University’s Louis Riel Room will now feature a large portrait of its namesake. During local Louis Riel Day celebrations, which were hosted at BU on Monday, Feb. 17, the Manitoba Métis Federation presented a portrait of the famed Métis leader to BU.

The large framed portrait will soon be displayed in the Louis Riel Room, which is adjacent to BU’s main dining hall, Harvest Hall. Formerly known as the BU Private Dining Room, it was renamed the Louis Riel Room in 2008 in recognition of the continued support from the MMF and the Louis Riel Institute. The room is often used for meetings, small receptions and events.

Riel’s legacy is an important one that resonates today, said BU President David Docherty. He accepted the portrait from the MMF’s Leah La Plante, vice-president of the MMF Southwest Region.

The portrait presentation was just one part of a full afternoon of Louis Riel Day celebrations on campus. Free hot dogs, live musical entertainment, jigging, and an outdoor firepit with bannock on a stick were also featured.