Health Studies and Science supplies will aid COVID-19 containment

April 1, 2020

A woman stands behind a table wth several containers of medical supplies on top of it.

Staff from the Westman Women’s Shelter received supplies from Brandon Universities’ faculties of Health Studies and Science on Wednesday to help the non-profit organization’s efforts to contain COVID-19.

The Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of Science at Brandon University (BU) have answered the call to assist the non-profit sector in Brandon.

The two faculties collected items to help with the containment of COVID-19 and delivered them to the Westman Women’s Shelter and Meredith Place on Wednesday. The BU contribution was:

  • 38 boxes of gloves
  • 14 containers of hand sanitizer
  • 3 boxes of face masks; and
  • 6 containers of sanitizer wipes.

A huge thank-you to Myrna Bartel, Tanya Denys, Bernadette Ardelli, Neal Melvin and Christophe LeMoine for collecting the supplies from their labs.