Shoe display begun to remember child victims of residential schools

May 31, 2021

Everyone is invited to contribute shoes to the community memorial, which is located in the BU central courtyard.

Brandon University is offering space for the community to display pairs of shoes in memory of the Indigenous children whose remains were found at a former residential school in B.C.

The shoe display, a grassroots memorial that has been started around the country, is now begun in the central courtyard at BU. Everyone is invited to come and add shoes to the memorial, to contemplate the number of victims of the residential school system in Canada, and to grieve.

“Like everyone, I am horrified that these children have lain so long in unmarked graves,” said BU President David Docherty, who earlier ordered that the flag at BU be flown at half-staff. “Although we take a moment now to pause and solemnly acknowledge the losses, as well as the deep pain that remains, we must also be compelled to action.”

The shoes will remain in the BU courtyard for the week, and people can add to them at any time. Parking is available nearby off 18th Street, or near the library. There are also benches available, as well as ample space for people to observe public health orders related to gathering sizes and distancing.

At the end of the day on Friday, they will be gathered up, and shoes in good condition will be donated.

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