Information for Students

You’ve been accepted to Brandon U… now what? Sometimes the information seems daunting and overwhelming. Don’t worry; you are not alone. We know that first year students have questions and we want you to feel comfortable asking them. We are all here to help make your transition to university as seamless as possible, after all that’s what Orientation is for!

Visit our web page Already Accepted? to find out more about claiming your BU ID, registering for classes, buying your textbooks and other valuable information.

For Residence Students, visit the Residence Check-In page to find out how your mail works, how to get internet or TV, renting fridges, roommates and so much more.

International Students there is a web page created with information specifically for you. Please visit our International Students page.

It’s also very common for your parents to have questions too. They want to know how to best support you and help you in your successes at university. Your parents can visit our Information for Families web page where a lot of frequently asked questions are answered.