Orientation Handbook

Check out the BU First Year Guide!

Have you looked at your timetable and saw that you had a class in CHO or MCK? Did you know that you have a bus pass and HLC membership? What is the HLC? Where is the Mingling Area and how do I get to become one of those cool people at Orientation in the yellow shirts? Well a student has developed a First Year Guide to answer all these questions and more!

This First Year Guide was created just for you. No, not the guy beside you… just for you! This student had help from many faculties and departments, many staff and other people who are going to make your time at Brandon University fun and successful. Hopefully this First Year Guide will be put to good use and you will find it helpful. Remember that University is supposed to be fun, but not too fun (it is a place to learn) and that it will give you a great deal of knowledge, information and lasting friendships.

So save this First Year Guide, print it, bookmark it, keep it and use it.

Check out the Brandon University Students’ Union BUSU Orientation Magazine 2017-2018!