Student Orientation Experiences

Story #1 – Tiffany Le

My BU orientation story began with the instant connection I had with our tour guide. He mentioned right off the bat that he was a psychiatric nursing major and was originally from Winnipeg. Strangely enough, so was I! I was immediately comforted by the fact that I now knew someone from the big city, since I honestly knew no one coming into Brandon. We were split up into smaller groups so that the tour could go quicker and smoother and it was then that I met one of my good friends today. Everyone bonded over the fact that although BU was a small campus, we were all just as lost and confused. It was fairly easy to make new friends during orientation because despite where we all came from, we were experiencing things we’ve never encountered before, together. One of the girls I talked to ended up being in my psychology class the next day and we sat next to each other at the front ever since. Not to mention, because the groups were split up depending on faculty, I got to meet a lot of potential study buddies. Despite not getting a chance to get to know every single person at orientation on a personal level, I merely felt at ease when I later walked through campus and recognized those same friendly faces in which I found kind and approachable.

Story #2 – Alana Donohoe

On the days leading up to the first day of university I was super nervous. I had moved away from home and didn’t know anyone coming to BU. Orientation day was very helpful because I was able to meet a bunch of people and I quickly learned that I wasn’t the only one that didn’t know anyone. I also found orientation day helpful because I had never stepped foot on campus, and the student leaders were very helpful on pointing out the different buildings and how to navigate throughout the grounds. The next few days of actual classes was a lot of different than I expected because I saw a bunch of people that I had met during orientation.

Story #3 – Hayley Surovy

At my orientation we met other first year students and student leaders in my chosen faculty and played ice breakers to get to know a few people. I participated in a drumming session and then was given a small group tour around campus where student leaders gave some helpful tips about each building and other different areas around campus. After the tour I was provided with a free lunch and then given the opportunity to take a personalized tour around campus where student leaders showed me exactly where my classrooms were.

Story #4 – Raelynn Plowman

I remember being so nervous. Thank goodness for the student leaders that help you find your classes because otherwise I would have been so lost. Finally after finding all my classes and meeting new people I got more excited and less nervous. There are so many things to do in the first few days that you meet so many people and get to experience new things.

Story #5 – Camila Mosaiebi

On my Orientation for my second year of Nursing, I was excited about officially starting the Nursing Program. The Orientation week was very interesting as there was something special arranged for everyday of the week. I especially loved the Mingling Area events and throughout the year I tried to go there whenever I could to check out the events for the week.

Story #6 – Dakota Johnston

The first day I moved into residence was the most exciting and terrifying day of my life. It was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced! I spent the whole week before Orientation exploring campus and discovering the freedom of living on my own.

Story #7 – Trevor Poole

I had orientation in the 2012-2013 school year. I arrived early and was quickly shuffled into the basement of the concert hall with the rest of the green-shirted science students. We went up to the hall for the speeches and, honestly, I can’t recall a single thing they said that day. But I remember that they looked very smart and sounded very educated, and I also remember sitting beside students who I have progressed with through almost all my time and classes here at BU. I remember the grilled food we had for lunch and the campus tour I took after. It was a day that make me happy and proud that I had chosen BU – a choice I feel the same about today, almost four years later!

Story #8 – Emily Kingdon

My BU orientation experience was SO much fun, not only because there was a carnival with a bouncy castle included, but because I met a lot of people in such a short period of time. Although you may not get to know all of the people that you meet during the first few days, there are always other chances! The best part of Brandon University being small is having a class with one of the people you only briefly met and are able to reconnect with them as you reminisce over those fun, crazy, and hectic first few days of your university experience.

Story #9 – Michelle Olinyk

My first day at orientation was scary at first. I moved away from my family and only knew one person in Brandon. Enough though I was scared out of my mind Orientation ended up being extremely fun. I ended up being in a tour group with my now best friend and our student leader gave us hints to help us out around campus. My favorite part might have been my personal tour. The girl who showed me around was a girl I went to camp with years ago. She explained my professors teaching style and how it was best to sit up close so you would pay attention way more. Orientation was amazing!

Story #10 – Jenna Gillis

Orientation at Brandon University was a great experience for me! I came from a small high school of about 80 students so I was a little nervous about meeting new students in such a large crowd. Fortunately I didn’t need to be because everyone at orientation, the leader, organizers and professors, were very friendly and always willing to help you with questions or whatever you needed. At orientation I made new friends, which one of them became my roommate for this coming up school year, and had new laughs to share with older friends of mine. I hope everyone else can experience these great feelings at orientation this year!

Story #11 – Harald Grove

On the day of Orientation, I met my high school friends in the Brodie Building, where we got our green science shirts. That was pretty cool! It was then though, that we science kids were encouraged to get to know one another. Later on in the gym we would take part in a series of introductory exercises. I met a few nice people from my department who I would see later in my classes. I think this took some pressure off the first few days in a new environment. In the first week of school there were a lot of involving events in the mingling area as well as groups that I found interesting. As the year went on, I made awesome friendships and had a great time! First year was definitely a memorable experience! I would recommend to work hard and just enjoy it!

Story #12 – Suz McFadden

Back in 2007 when I started my first year, we got to play the newspaper game where you hit people with newspaper and say their name. One girl and I kept hitting each other and for the next three years (even though we were in mostly different classes) we would yell “NEWSPAPER!!!!” We would do this in the halls, at SUDS, at Houston’s, Rock the Block etc… That’s what I have always loved about BU. The ability to recognize people in hallway and in the city doesn’t happen at every institution.

Story #13 – Jennifer Jermey

It was a little strange walking into a room with a bunch of people that I hadn’t gone to school with forever. I graduated from a small rural school and had attended school with most of my classmates since kindergarten. I walked in the Evan’s Theatre being the only person from my school, not knowing anybody, and I walked out with new friends and the realization that I was going to do well because everybody else was just like me (scared and nervous but also excited to experience University). This is why I think orientation is so great as it shows that Brandon University really isn’t that scary and that everyone is just like you (even if they don’t show just how nervous they are). I don’t remember much from orientation, but I do remember knowing that I could do this and I was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Story #14 – Hayley Surovy

My first day of classes was a whirlwind. I was terrified that I was going to be late for my first class or that I would end of in the wrong classroom but I quickly realized that this was a common occurrence and that it isn’t nearly as embarrassing as I imagined it to be. After about a week I felt like I had the entire campus pretty much figured out. I now feel as at home at B.U. as I did in my small town high school.

Story #15 – Jessica Fortier

Orientation Day was the first time that I ever walked around Brandon by myself. I didn’t get lost, so the day was already off to a great start. The most memorable part of this day were the games that were organized in the gym for the first year students. I remember talking to others during this time about classes and interests we shared. I was even a part of Bailey the Bobcat’s team for one of the games. During the first few days, I had to ask a lot of questions, especially about the location of most of my classes. I am thankful for the Student Leaders who were very welcoming and understanding of my questions. Orientation week is one of my favourite parts of the school year if only for one reason: great free food, like pizza and ice cream. While I was incredibly nervous about my first classes, professors are very understanding that all first year students are incredibly nervous. During my first year, I learned the ins and outs of the different buildings on campus, and I am excited to come back for a another year. To first year students: don’t be afraid to ask questions because at least a dozen others have the same questions, don’t lose your syllabus, DO YOUR READINGS (we all learn this the hard way), and take advantage of the resources available to you on campus, including Student Services. It was important for me to learn and understand that while my education is important, my mental health is much more important. The transition and distance from home may be difficult, but it does get easier with time and help from peers, mentors, and family. Best of luck in 2015-2016!

Story #16 – Raelynn Plowman

My favourite university memory is probably (and as weird as this will be) the all night library study date. You actually get some studying done at the beginning of the night before you start to get really tired and everything becomes funny.

Story #17 – Dakota Johnston

When I did orientation it was the Drum Café. Honestly, I thought it was super boring and wanted to get out of there. I’m glad that we’ve moved away from that and are doing more fun and involved activities now! To all the first years, and to anyone really, make use of your resources here at BU. The Student Leaders, R.A’s, Student Services, and even your Profs. Everyone is here to help you succeed. Using them can really help maintain your stress levels. Also, don’t be afraid to see someone if you have a personal problem, they care just as much about you as a person as they do you as a student.

Story #18 – Kelsey Vandoorne

Growing up in a small town, with a graduating class of only 40, I was extremely nervous moving to a new city, and to be quite honest the idea of not knowing anyone and attending university quite terrifying. I remember moving into Residence and still feeling quite home sick the first couple of days because I hadn’t gotten to know anyone yet. I remember piling into the ceremony room in the Health Studies building and seeing us all getting our red shirts. As excited as I was it was also very nerve wracking. However, the Student Ladders made it a lot easier, and towards the end of the day I had met quite a few people that I later had classes with, as well as one of closest friends who I am extremely close with as of today.  This experience made me realize how thankful I was for the Student Leaders who made the first day not seem so bad, which resulted in me becoming a Student Leader and have been ever since my first year. Can’t wait till Orientation 2015!

Story #19 – Allyson Wareham

Being the only person from my area to come to Brandon University, having orientation was a great way to learn my way around the school and to meet some new people! I met so many people interested in the same things as me! Having the Drum Café was a great way to feel connected to a larger collection of students; it led the way to being part of the BU’s community throughout my years here! You heard how your contribution helped to make a difference! I loved it!  Everyone who is nervous or wants to get a head start finding their way around campus should go!

Story #20 – Abby Bohun

I had my orientation at Brandon University 3 years ago! Wow! Where did that time go?! I remember being a bit of a shy girl and I was having a difficult time trying to break the ice with people, or even just asking questions of where my classes were and such. I felt like I was alone but then I realized that all the first years were experiencing the exact same thing. This made me feel much more comfortable about asking questions. Orientation really did prove that no matter what the situation is, asking questions are extremely important and that there is no such thing as a stupid one. Asking questions have also brought me to meeting new people which I am now glad to call some of my best friends. I am rather thankful, as I had also found out that some of these people ended up being some of my hallway neighbours in residence. And with them, we were able to experience our first year of university together and many of the awesome orientation events; from socials at SUDS, Drum Café, free ice cream and pancake breakfasts, and Rock the Block event. I am also very glad to say that I still keep in touch with all these people, and I honestly wouldn’t have met some of them if it weren’t for Orientation week. This week really allowed many to come out of their shell, such as myself, and as little of time as it was, it was an event that allowed everyone to grow. I encourage everyone to attend the awesome Orientation events at Brandon University! #IAMBU