Parking Rates

2019/2020 Parking Rates

Serviced 4 month 8 month 12 month
$217.60 $362.63 $398.70
Non-Serviced 4 month 8 month 12 month
$132.46 $220.80 $267.98

*GST included.

Car Pool Passes

If two or more people want to purchase a carpool permit, you will receive a 20% discount off of the regular prices.  These purchases may be made at the Ancillary Services office.

Carpool Spaces are clearly marked with Carpool signage in your designated lot and your permit will indicate you are a carpool permit holder. There must be two people or more travelling in the vehicle at all times in order to use the carpool spaces.


Please note: for students living in on-campus residences, GST will be exempt from your parking fees.

Daily Parking Passes $7.92 plus GST

Parking Map