Math and Science

To prepare middle years teachers with a strong background in math, science, and technology.


A student will be admitted to PENT if she/he

  • Is working in a school as an educational paraprofessional
  • Is admitted to Brandon University in one of the following categories: Regular admission High School graduate Mature admission – must be at least 21 years of age Transfer from another university
  • Is recommended to PENT by a school principal, or Director of Education, or superintendent
  • Has financial sponsorship
  • Has satisfactory results from Criminal Records and Child Abuse Registry Checks
  • In addition, candidates must have grade 12 math and science OR have a strong interest in math, science and computers PLUS must have a strong determination to succeed
  • Current PENT students may transfer to the program upon consultation with the PENT director. Students with fewer than 30 credit hours would be the most likely candidates.

The Program

Brandon University
Concurrent program

The PENT model will be used in combining professional work in community schools from September to April with studies at Brandon University from April to July. In meeting all program requirements, students must take the math and science teaching concentrations and must select their elective courses from the following math/science/technology courses:

(four of these courses form the minor concentration)
62.090 Basic Math (for background upgrading)
62.152 Contemporary Math
62.171 Introduction to Statistics
62.181 Introduction to Calculus
Introduction to Linear Algebra
62.260 Development of the Real Number System
Modern Geometry

(four of these courses form the minor concentration)
15.162 Cells, Genetics and Evolution
15.275 Pollution Biology
18.175 Physical Science – Chemistry
38.190 Introduction to Weather & Climate
38.192 Environment & Resource Issues
38.273 General Ecology
42.162 Our Dynamic Earth
42.163 This Old Earth: A Trip through Time
74.174 Introduction to Physical Science
74.184 Solar System Astronomy

School Experience

Students in this program must be placed in middle years (or possibly senior 1 or 2). Math and science must form a significant part of their classroom experience. There may be some opportunities for professional development in the form of workshops, etc.