2001 Student Research Projects

J. Carvey, supervised by Dr. Anne Bowker
Gender Differences in Adolescent Friendships

T. Hardy, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
The Effect of Musical Experience and Presentation Modality on Two Types of Verbal Memory

Amanda Lints, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
The Mozart Effect: A Symphony of Controversy

Jane Matthiesen, supervised by Dr. Anne Bowker
The Existence of Gender-Stereotypes in the 21st Century

Jamie Moore, supervised by Dr. Barry Corenblum
The Influence of Individual Differences on Children’s Memory for Own and Other Group Members’ Behaviour

Della Scott, supervised by Dr. Barbara Gfellner
Emotional Attachment in Older Adult Sibling Relationships

Jamie Smith, supervised by Dr. Cliff Anderson
Detecting Veracity after Training in Verbal and Nonverbal Cues