2002 Student Research Projects

Lindsay Birchall, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
The Impact of the Media and Self-Evaluation on Perceptions of the Self

Darrel Brown, supervised by Dr. Ken Daniels
Modelling Negative Affect in presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches Using LOGOES and LIWC2001

Vanessa Edkins, supervised by Dr. Barry Corenblum
Children’s Recognition of Faces of Own and Other Group Members

Lori Gwyer, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
The Impact of Summarization on the Seductive Detail Effect

Pamela Kelso, supervised by Dr. Cliff Anderson
Approval of Unethical Conduct in Sports as a Function of Ego Orientation and Performance Goals

Scott Orth, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
An Examination of Factors Affecting Post-Relational Persistence

Tara Romanyszyn, supervised by Dr. Barbara Gfellner
Correlates Among Senior Volunteers at Senior Organizations