2004 Student Research Projects

Josey Antonation, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
The Effects of Trait Forgiveness and Empathy on Cadiovascular Responses, Affect, and Situation Specific Forgiveness

Jennifer Emberly, supervised by Dr. Nicole Conrad
The Effect of Television Commercials on Male Body Image: An Investigative Study

Jason Fleming, supervised by Dr. Ken Daniels
Person Memory and Self-Reference: Similarities in Encoding and Retrieval Processes for Self and Person Memory

Brent Kissock, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
Neuroticism, Perfectionism, and Rumination: Predictors of Attributions, State Self-Esteem, and Affect Following a Failure Experience

Arron Metcalfe, supervised by Dr. Barry Corenblum
Own Race Bias in Recognition of Faces of Adults and Children

Lindsey Rice, supervised by Dr. Ken Daniels
Emotional Words and Autbiographical Schema Activation: Do Emotional Words Activate Self-Schema

Kurt Schall, supervised by Dr. Phillip Goernert
Recall Accuracy in Item Method Directed Forgetting