2011 Student Research Projects

Nicole Haverstock, supervised by Dr. Barbara M. Gfellner
Attitudes, Knowledge, Expectations and Experiences of Menopause in Relation to Women’s Age, Menopausal Status and Timing (Abstract)

Ben Lockhart, supervised by Dr. Philip Goernert
The Handling of Minimal Risk Research by Ethics Review Boards (Abstract)

Christine Louis, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
The Relationship between First Year Students’ Learning Strategies and University Adjustment (Abstract)

Adeline Savy, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
Stress and Coping: Effects of Context and Conscientiousness (Abstract)

Kansas Schure, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
Sibling Modeling and Deidentification in Three Sibling Families Summary (Abstract)

Jordie Skinner, supervised by Dr. Philip Goernert
I Know Your Face: Recognition Hypermnesia for Faces (Abstract)

Scott Taylor, supervised by Dr. Barry Corenblum
Recognition Hypermnesia: Can It Be Achieved Despite the Own-Race Bias? (Abstract)

Rachel Therrien, supervised by Dr. Janet Wright
Harassment: Differences Related to Gender and Harassment Type (Abstract)

Britton Woods, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
Relationships between Personality, Academic Self-Handicapping and Academic Performance: Does the type of course matter? (Abstract)