2013 Student Research Projects

Stacey Anderson, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
Experimental Exposure to Reality Television: Impact on Mood and Self-esteem (Abstract)

Brett Baloun, supervised Dr. Tammy McKenzie
Category Learning in Horses: Identification in New Visual Perspectives (Abstract)

Alina Jones, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
Summary of Youth Participation in Paid Work: The Relationship Between Developmental Benefits and Type of Employment (Abstract)

Alexandra Paiva, supervised by Dr. Vance MacLaren
PID-5 and BIS/BAS Scales as Predictors of University Binge Drinking

Erin Paupanekis, supervised by Dr. Barbara Gfellner
Ethnic Identity and Coping with Discrimination Among University Students

Jessica Murray, supervised by Dr. Barbara Gfellner
Ethnic Identity, Perceived Discrimination and School Adjustment Among Post Secondary Students

Rocio Ramirez, supervised by Dr. Barbara Gfellner
Perceived Discrimination Ethnic Identity and Adjustment in Hispanic Adolescents

Oliver Zaman, supervised by Dr. Phillip Goernert
Impact of the Cross-Race Effect on Directed Forgetting of Faces (Abstract)