2015 Student Research Projects

Hibah Ahmad, supervised by Dr. Nukte Edguer
Perfectionism in Relation to Negative Mood and Psychological Wellbeing (Abstract)

Heather Armstrong, supervised by Dr. Nicholas Watier
The Effects of Personality Characteristics on Dot Estimation in a Social Context (Abstract)

Kaela Cranston, supervised by Dr. Barry Corenblum
Effects of Processing Style on Own Race Bias in Face Recognition

Andrew Isaac, supervised by Dr. Phillip Goernert
The Effects of Global and Local Processing on the Own-Race Bias in Face Recognition (Abstract)

Lisa Kitz, supervised by Dr. Tammy McKenzie
Spontaneous Numerical Ability in Horses (Abstract)

Stephan Warrener, supervised by Dr. Shannon Gadbois
Perceptions of Post-Secondary Student-Athletes: Correlates and Predictors of Academic Performance (Abstract)