Mikaël Akimowicz

Research Fellow
  • PhD

Email: akimowiczm@brandonu.ca

Phone: 204-761-3430

Mikaël Akimowicz graduated from Montpellier SupAgro, France, as an agricultural engineer. Concerned by the economic viability of family farms and the sustainability of the agri-food system, he undertook a research on farm structural change in urban-influenced areas and successfully defended his PhD thesis at the University of Toulouse, France, in 2012. The bottom-line of his research is to demonstrate that more sustainable food systems can contribute to more equitable economies and societies.

In 2014, he received a Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Research Executive Agency for the MARSUPIA project (Multifunctional AgRiculture for SUstainable PerI-urban Areas). It is a comparative analysis of farmers’ investment decision making in two urban influenced areas where preserving agriculture has become an officially-stated goal:  Toronto Metropolitan Area, where a Greenbelt was created in 2005, and Toulouse Metropolitan Area, where municipalities have defined a common planning strategy in 2010.


Since September 2017, he works at the Rural Development Institute on the Manitoba Rural Broadband project, which aims to assess the impact of digital technologies in rural southern Manitoba. His connection with digital technologies has resulted in new questioning related to the future of agriculture regarding the development of digital technologies; he is now looking for opportunities to fund (or get involved in) a prospective research project on the co-evolution of agricultural practices and food access with digital technologies.