Rural By Design Contest


The Rural by Design Art Contest is open to all Brandon University students.

Your submission should offer the imagery of what ‘rural’ means to you.


Rural is where one out of three Canadians live. Rural is where much of our drinking water comes from, where precious minerals and gems are located, and where gravel and other building materials are gathered for roads, buildings, and infrastructure. Rural is where our forests and wetlands thrive, animals live wild, and much of our food comes from. Rural and remote areas and people enable much of the activities urban areas rely on.

Many disciplines emphasise rural. Rural sociology, forest sociologists and forest engineering, rural economists, rural health specialists, rural and regional planners, rural geographers and demographers, and historians, to name a few. Each brings their own lens coupled with theories and practices and assumptions.

Rural areas are dynamic.  Rural places are now home to modern equipment, new technologies, and changing faces as people and cultures from around the world are migrating to rural regions. And rural is also a place of loneliness, hurt and crime. Increasingly, rural communities are revitalising from within, where dreams are realised with tenacity, perseverance, and courage. Delve into the complex challenges, exciting opportunities and the changing nature of ‘rural’.

Submissions may be original artworks, photographs, collages, digital illustrations, or graphic designs.  If you are unsure if your artwork will be accepted, please email us at

Contest Rules:

  • All submissions must be original works
  • All contestants must be 18 years of age by the deadline of January 12, 2018
  • All contestants must be Brandon University students (full time or part time)

How to Submit:

  • Submit your work to the Rural Development Institute office by January 12, 2018
  • Include a 100 – 200 word description of the story your work is telling about ‘rural’
  • Include your name, email address and phone number
  • If your work is chosen, you will need to complete a Release Form


  • Submissions will be judged by a panel of Rural Development and Fine Arts students, staff and faculty
  • Chosen submissions will be displayed at the Rural Development Institute office for a 12 month period
  • The Top 3 Winners will receive prizes (to be announced!)

Questions? Email  Ariel Bryant at