Waiting List Information

If a course is full when you are registering:

  1. Online – the system will ask you if you want your name on the waiting list. You must respond “yes” in order to be added to the waiting list.
  2. In person – Financial & Registration Services staff will ask if you want to be added to the list by Financial & Registration Services.
  3. By fax, email or Canada Post mail – you will be added to waiting list by Financial & Registration Services staff and mailed or emailed further information.

When a spot for a course becomes available:

You will be notified at your Brandon University email account. You will have to claim your userid and password in order to access your email account. This email will provide a link where you may register for or decline the available spot. Failure to respond by the deadline indicated in the email will result in your name moving to the bottom of the waiting list.

Haven’t claimed your userid? Forgot your password?

If you do not have Internet access, please contact Financial & Registration Services at (204) 727-9724 or finreg@brandonu.ca to obtain instructions.

Adding your name to a waiting list:

If you are eligible to register using the online registration system, proceed with your registration. The system will indicate if the course you are requesting is full, and ask if you wish to be added to the waiting list. You must respond “yes” in order to be added to the waiting list.

If you are not eligible to use the online registration system, you may add your name to a waiting list by contacting Financial & Registration Services in person, by e-mail to finreg@brandonu.ca or by phone at 727-9724.

Checking waiting list status

You are able to view your position on waiting lists or remove yourself from a list by using the “Student Information” link or the “Online Registration” link via the BU website. Choose “Registration” and “Waiting List” from the menu.