2015-2016 General Information

All students should consult the General Calendar for complete information regarding admissions, course descriptions, prerequisites, academic regulations, fees, and degree requirements.

Are You Eligible to Register?

Registration is available to those students returning from one session to the next whose transcript of record indicates eligibility to continue or those who have been readmitted by the Curriculum & Academic Planning Committee, and to new students who have received a letter of acceptance for admission.

Students who are not eligible to register are those students currently on Academic Suspension or Withdrawal. Students returning from Withdrawal are required to have their registrations approved by the University Registrar or designate.

Students not previously enrolled who wish to register as a full-time or part-time student must complete the application process with the Admissions Office and receive formal notice of acceptance before registering for or attending any session.

No Credit Admission: Registration in each course will be subject to the written approval of the Dean of the Faculty or School that offers the course(s).

Auditing: Any student wishing to audit a course must obtain written permission of the instructor prior to registration.

Student’s Responsibility

Registration consists of completing all registration procedures, obtaining approvals (where necessary) for an appropriate program of studies, and making a payment for the tuition and fees assessed.

It is also your responsibility to notify Financial & Registration Services in writing if you decide to drop/withdraw from a course. Tuition refunds (if applicable) are calculated from the date that written notification is received by Financial & Registration Services.

In the event that you do not successfully complete the prerequisite for a course you are registered for, it is your responsibility to drop/withdraw from the course by submitting registration change to Financial & Registration Services or to obtain written waiver of the prerequisite.

You must also ensure that Financial & Registration Services is informed of all changes to your course registration and other personal information (addresses, marital status, etc.)

Do You Need Written Approval?

Written approval is required for all students who are registering for courses in the following Faculties, Schools or Departments:

  • Education (Graduate level only)
  • Faculty of Health Studies
  • School of Music
  • Rural Development (Graduate level only)

If your registration is submitted without the proper signature(s), your registration will not be processed.

Do You Need an Academic Advisor?

First-year students are encouraged to seek academic advising through Student Services. To arrange for such advising, please contact Student Services at 204-727-9737.

Second-, third- and fourth-year students are to seek advising through the department chair of their major area of study or Dean’s office.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities or those requiring special assistance in registering or selecting courses should contact Disability Services at 204-727-9759.

Are You Eligible to Register Online?

You are eligible to use the online registration system if you are a:

  • Returning student
  • New student who has been accepted to Brandon University

You are NOT eligible to use the online registration system if you:

  • Have not yet been admitted to Brandon University
  • Are currently on academic suspension or withdrawal
  • Are registering for courses that require written approval from Rural Development (Graduate level only), or from the PENT/CBE programs
  • Are registering for courses after the final registration date
  • Are in the Faculty of Education (Concurrent or After Degree programs) but have not yet received your acceptance letter (first year only) and course schedule

When using the online registration system, you will be contacted at your Brandon University email account when your request has been processed. Registrations and registration changes are normally completed within one business day.

Selecting Your Courses

To register in a course(s), you must complete a paper registration form or submit an online registration (if eligible). You are responsible for selecting courses that meet the program regulations and requirements for your program of study. Financial & Registration Services will contact you immediately if there is a problem with your registration.

All students, with the exception of students with Mature, No Credit or Dual Credit Status, or are in the B.P.E.S. or Music degree programs, are limited in the Regular Session (September to April) to a maximum of 30 credit hours, with a maximum of 15 credit hours in each term. Your Dean or Coordinator must approve any overload in writing.

Note: If you require a course description that is not listed in the current General Calendar, please contact Financial & Registration Services.

How Do You Know if a Course is Full or Still Available?

An up-to-date limited availability/full course list is available at Financial & Registration Services or through the Registration Guide link.

A waiting list may be available for a full course. Notification of an opening in a course that you are on the waiting list for is sent to your Brandon University email account and provides a link to register for or to decline the spot. Your position on a waiting list can be viewed using the online student information system.

Waiting lists are not kept for lab sections.

An up-to-date addenda of any course additions, cancellations or changes is available through the Registration Guide link.

Do You Have the Required Prerequisites?

A course prerequisite, as noted in the General Calendar description, is a requirement of certain courses, which must be completed before registration. You may not register for courses without having met the stipulated prerequisite unless you have a written waiver for the prerequisite (waiver form available at Financial & Registration Services or online under Student Forms).

See the relevant section of the General Calendar for further information.

Timetabling Your Courses and Labs

Do not register for more than one course/lab in the same time slot. Watch for conflicting exam dates when selecting your courses.

All day lecture courses offered between 08:30 and 17:30 are in most cases slotted according to a particular time. Course slots are arranged so that you will meet for that course for three lecture hours per week in a particular classroom, at particular times, with the instructor for that course. Each slot has a number that that is noted against each course listed in the Registration Guide. To prevent conflicts, you should complete a “slot schedule”, which is provided through the Registration Guide link.

Please note that many courses have associated laboratory periods in addition to lecture periods. In the Faculty of Science and Physical Education department you must register for a lab period for all applicable courses. You are not required to register for Health Studies/Nursing labs.

Registration Changes

You are allowed two change forms/online registration change submissions during the Regular Session at no cost. A fee of $20.00 (subject to change) will be charged for every subsequent change submitted in the session.

Refunds are calculated only from the date Financial & Registration Services receives the change. Fees are payable to the date the change is submitted.

Fee Information

You have access to all your financial information using the online student information system. You are responsible for payment of all required fees by required deadlines even if you do not have online access. Paper copies of a student’s financial statement will not be mailed out.

All fees are payable at Financial & Registration Services. Cheques/money orders should be made payable to Brandon University. A charge of $40.00 (subject to change) will be made for any returned cheques. Interac Direct Payment may also be used.

Visit www.brandonu.ca/payonline to make payments by web or telephone banking through one of the major financial institutions. Payments can also be made directly from your financial institution’s web site.

Students who are sponsored are required to consult with Financial & Registration Services to have their registration approved.

Registration is not complete until you have complied with all the requirement of the enrolment routine and have paid the prescribed fees to Financial & Registration Services. Fee information is available from Financial & Registration Services or through the Tuition Information link. For full information regarding miscellaneous fees, please refer to the General Calendar.

Payment of fees in a timely manner is required to avoid cancellation of registration. A reinstatement process may be available and a fee will be charged for reinstatement. See Financial & Registration Services for further details.

Note: Neither final grades nor transcripts will be released until all debts to the University have been paid in full. You will not be eligible for graduation until all fees are paid.

Identification Cards

Each students registering for the Regular Session will be issued a Brandon University Identification Card (photo ID), which must be presented when using Library facilities. The Housing Office in the McMaster Complex issues ID cards.

Final Grades/Academic Assessment

Final grades are available to you using the online student information system. You are advised to check this information and contact Financial & Registration Services immediately if there are any questions. At the end of the regular session, a review of Academic Performance will be conducted and you will be advised of any changes in your registration status.

Official transcripts may be requested in writing from Financial & Registration Services with the required fee of $13.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each one after on the same order. (see Official Transcript Request). Official transcripts will not be faxed. Student transcripts are considered confidential and will be issued only upon the written authorization of the student to Financial & Registration Services.

Note: Neither final grades nor transcripts will be released until all debts to the University have been paid in full. You will not be eligible for graduation until all fees are paid.

Academic Performance Requirement

The progress of a student in the first undergraduate degree program is determined by the letter grade point system. Credits earned in any session will be reported by letter grade.

The total credit hours for a degree are those based on courses (excluding failures and repeats) with earned grades of “D” or better and which complete the requirements for the degree sought. Any student, upon accumulation of more than 48 credit hours of “F” grades and/or repeat courses, will be placed on Academic Withdrawal.

A student’s grade point average (g.p.a.) is obtained by dividing the sum of the product of credit hours times the numerical grade point equivalent by the total credit hours considered. Students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of 2.0 or better to proceed as a student in good standing. For students in the B.Mus. program a degree g.p.a. of 2.5 or better is required to move from one year of the program to the next as well as for graduation. Students in the Arts and Science (Honours) degree programs are required to have a degree g.p.a. of 2.5 or better for graduation.

After completion of 24 credit hours or more, all students will be assessed for a minimum academic performance level based on the number of credit hours attempted at the end of a session. See the current Graduate or Undergraduate General Calendar for full details on academic performance.