General Information

All in-person registration will take place at Financial & Registration Services located on the second floor of Clark Hall. Online registration is available to those students who qualify. Students registering by mail or fax must submit completed forms and payment in full to Financial & Registration Services. If you do not have a registration form, you may submit a registration request that includes your name, student number, address and all course information (dept/course number, section, title, session and term). Once registration is processed, the online student information portal will show class schedule and financial information.

Student’s Responsibility

Registration consists of completing all registration procedures, obtaining approvals (where necessary) for an appropriate program of studies, and payment of the required fees. It is the responsibility of the student to:

  • accurately complete registration and attain required signatures.
  • submit payment of all tuition fees by due date.
  • ensure that the registration meets the requirements for the program and degree sought.
  • inform Financial & Registration Services of all changes regarding course registration and other personal information.


Payment for all Spring courses (courses that normally run May 1 to June 22, 2017) must be received by Financial & Registration Services on or before April 21, 2017. Any registrations for Spring courses that occur after April 21st must be paid for at time of registration.

Payment for all Summer courses (courses that normally run July 4 to August 21, 2017) must be received by Financial & Registration Services on or before June 23, 2017. Any registration for Summer courses that occur after June 23rd must be paid for at time of registration.

2017 Spring Summer Tuition/Refund Table

Payment may be made in person with cash, Interac (debit card) or cheque/money order. All cheques/ money orders should be made payable to Brandon University. If mailing your payment to Financial & Registration Services, please allow enough time for Canada Post to process and deliver mail to the University campus. A charge of $40.00 (subject to change) will be assessed for any returned cheques.

Payment may also be made online through your banking institution. Also, check with your banking institution for the availability of payment through Telepayment. If making payment through your bank, please allow three to six business days for payment information to reach Financial & Registration Services from your bank.

Payment may also be made online through Plastiq, a third party independent service provider of credit card payments. Plastiq charges a transaction fee which goes directly to Plastiq and not the University. Check your credit card and Brandon University account in three to six business days to ensure your payment is processed.

Students who are on government student loans are responsible to ensure payment for courses is received by Financial & Registration Services by the applicable due date from the government student loans.

Students who are being sponsored are responsible to ensure that Financial & Registration Services has received a sponsorship letter on or before April 21st for Spring courses and on or before June 23rd for Summer courses.

Any students’ registration that has not been paid, does not have a sponsorship letter on file, or is unable to be confirmed through a government student loan will be cancelled. Spring registration cancellations will occur on April 24th and Summer registration cancellations will occur on June 26th.

For more information as to how to pay your BU account, go to Pay Your BU Account


Students who withdraw from courses must submit the required form/written request or on-line registration request to Financial & Registration Services before any refund of fees will be granted. Any refundable portion of fees will be calculated from the date on which Financial & Registration Services has been notified in writing. Deadline dates for withdrawal, without academic penalty, from full and half courses represent 60% of the total contact hours of those courses.

Please refer to Tuition Fee Refund Table for all refund dates.