2020-2021 Regular Session

The vast majority of classes and labs this session will be offered completely online. Students who are taking only online courses may not need to attend campus in-person at all.

To recognize the disruption and challenges posed by these unique circumstances, Brandon University Senate is extending a Pass/No Credit grade option for the 2020-2021 Regular Session.

The small number of classes, labs, studios, etc., requiring hands-on or in-person instruction as a core part of their learning will be delivered virtually as much as possible, and in-person attendance will follow current public health guidance on distancing, masks, sanitizing, etc. When you are registered in one of these courses or labs, you will be contacted directly by your instructor with specific details about that particular course.

All course information has been updated in the Course Listing PDFs for each faculty below. Here is how you can read them to know more about your own courses:

Online Synchronous

  • These classes will be delivered entirely online, in their designated slot. That means you will meet virtually with your class and your instructor, on specific days and at specific times. Many labs are also being delivered online in their regular slots and will also be conducted virtually. These are identified in the Course Listings (below) as ‘ONLINE SYNCH’.

Online Asynchronous

  • These classes or labs will be delivered entirely online, however there will be no common or scheduled meeting times. This means you can access the material at a time that is convenient for you. Of course, not all course material may be posted on the first day, and you may have to meet deadlines on accessing some or all course materials. These are identified in the Course Listings (below) as ‘ONLINE ASYNCH’.

Online Blended

  • These classes or labs are being offered partially online and partially in-person. Different courses or labs will have different amounts of in-person content and will have different requirements for your in-person attendance. Instructors will contact students directly with specifics for each class and lab. These are identified in the Course Listings (below) as ‘ONLINE BLEND’.


  • An extremely small number of courses/labs are being offered fully in-person. These appear in the Course Listings (below) with a regular slot/time and a specific building/room. No reference to “online” appears next to them.

If you haven’t already, you should register for your classes as early as possible so that you can get the most up-to-date information directly from your instructor as soon as it is known.

Any attendance on campus will be guided by the most current public health requirements and recommendations. We are also making significant adjustments to the campus, including signage, personal protective equipment, clear plastic barriers, and sanitization, to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

You must register online

Given current campus restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all registrations must currently be done online.

Register Now

If you are unable to access the system or need assistance, please email Financial & Registration Services at FinReg@BrandonU.ca or call either 204-727-9724 or 204-727-7313.

All forms should be completed electronically, scanned/photographed, and sent to FinReg@BrandonU.ca from your BU email address.

New students may be required to complete a mandatory advising session. Contact Student Services at 204-727-9737 or visit the Course Selection website for more information.

All courses subject to change. Course listings will be kept up-to-date with all course changes, additions and cancellations. Courses may have enrolment limits. The University reserves the right to cancel courses with low enrolment.

Courses with a final exam during the official exam period will be listed in the Final Exam Timetable. Not all courses will have a final exam.

Start/end dates and exam dates will differ for most undergraduate Education courses and for others as indicated in the Registration Guide. Contact the Faculty of Education office for further information.

Consult the current Brandon University Undergraduate or Graduate Calendars for complete information regarding admission, course descriptions and prerequisites, academic regulations and degree requirements.