2021-2022 Regular Session

The Fall 2021 Term will be as in-person as safely possible. In general, we will welcome classes of up to 25 students in person, as well as some larger classes.

You should plan to be in Brandon for the start of the Fall Term. You should be here even though not all of your classes may be in-person. While the pandemic continues to present some uncertainty, we anticipate that courses in the Winter term will be primarily in person.

Solutions will be different in different faculties, and in different areas. We are currently working to update the registration guides so we can provide you with class-specific information. If you see building/room information next to a course in the online registration system at this point, this does NOT indicate an in-person class.

Updated registration guides will be available here as of June 30, 2021.

Information posted on June 30 will be as current and complete as possible, though some decisions may still be tentative at that point. Additionally, be reminded that delivery of individual courses may change at any point due to pandemic-related necessities.

Even as you wait for more specific information, you should register for classes as soon as possible to maximize your chances of securing a place in the courses you need and prefer. In most cases, course delivery method decisions will not change the time slot in which a course is currently scheduled.