When/How to Register for the 2023-2024 Regular Session

When to Register

Registration for the 2023-2024 Regular Session opened for returning students on Tuesday, April 4th at 8:30 am and for new students on Tuesday, April 25th at 8:30 am.

How to Register


Online registration is available to those students who qualify. See the online registration system for details.

In Person:

Completed registration forms may be taken to Financial & Registration Services, second floor, Clark Hall. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

By Mail:

Students registering by mail may submit a completed Registration Form to Financial & Registration Services. Please retain a copy of form for your records. If you do not have a registration form or are unable to print the PDF form, you may submit a registration request that includes your name, student number, address and all course information (dept/course number, section, title, session and term), and signature.

By Email:

Students may email a scanned copy of a completed Registration Form to finreg@brandonu.ca. Registration forms, and any other correspondence, should be sent from your BU email address only.  If you email in your registration, it is not necessary to submit the original form.

By Fax:

Students may fax in a completed Registration Form or facsimile to 204-726-4573. If you fax in your registration form, it is not necessary to submit the original form.

Once you are registered in courses, you can access all tuition and student fee information using the online student information system. You are responsible for prompt payment of all fees by applicable deadline. Watch your BU email for important updates on tuition payment information.

Filling out a Registration Form

Your registration form must be completed in detail to ensure that it can be processed. In completing the registration form it is imperative that the department, course number, section number, title and term be correctly and clearly stated. Incomplete forms may delay processing of a student’s registration or be returned to the student. Financial & Registration Services will contact you if there is a problem with your registration.


  • All students in any Music degree, any Health Studies/Nursing degree, or any Graduate level degree must have their registration approved by their Dean/Advisor prior to processing by Financial & Registration Services.
  • BPES and Arts students who wish to register in Health Studies/Nursing courses may require a signature from a Health Studies/Nursing advisor.
  • All students registering in Music courses (depts 63 to 66) will require a signature from the School of Music.
  • If you are registering for Faculty of Science, Health Studies or Physical Education courses, you may also need to register in a corresponding lab section. When registering online, you will be prompted to do this.