About the Anthology system

After extensive campus consultation, Brandon University has selected Anthology (formerly known as CampusNexus), to power our internal software processes. Our new system comes in three components, which will improve student enrolment and registration, communication and engagement, and financial needs.

Anthology Student

Anthology Student will transform the student experience at Brandon University. This fully modern digital package provides an all-in-one place for you to enrol at BU, register for classes, track your real-time status on wait lists, and see your grades. All of the ‘business’ you do with BU will be consolidated in one place, accessible from your laptop, phone or tablet.

This new solution also us a powerful analytics tool that will help us make better decisions about Brandon University so that we can always best meet your needs. Meanwhile, because this is also a more efficient tool for faculty and staff, it means we get to spend more face-to-face time directly with you!

Anthology Engage

Anthology Engage will help us stay connected. From the first time a student expresses interest in Brandon University, through their complete degree, and as they proudly go into the world as a BU alum, this new system will for the first time bring all that information into the same place.

New dashboards and reports will unlock incredible new data about Brandon University, so we can see trends, make predictions, and draw conclusions in real-time that are currently impossible or extremely labour-intensive.

Anthology Finance

Anthology Finance will power our back-end financial needs, including payment processing for students, staff and faculty expenses and payroll, and research grants.

Unit managers and department heads will be able to optimize budgets, track project expenses, and align resources where they are needed with timely data.