BU Implementation Leadership Team

The move to Anthology as Brandon University’s new ERP is one of the largest projects in BU’s history. This transformation, which will be conducted with care over a period of years, will bring BU up to current industry standard for postsecondary education, meeting the expectations of today’s students, faculty and staff. It will also ensure that our systems remain current for years into the future.

We have brought together people from across campus, as well as partners with Anthology and CampusWorks (an exclusively higher-ed consulting and services firm) to help us successfully manage this important transformation.

BU Implementation Leadership Team

  • Scott Lamont, VP Administration & Finance — Executive sponsor
  • Michael Leroy, Coordinator, Network & Operations — Project lead (Brandon University)
  • Raymond Babbitt, CampusWorks — Project manager (CampusWorks)
  • Ali Unsal, Anthology — Project manager (Anthology)
  • Kristin Jette, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Coordinator
  • Joe Baumgartner, Coordinator, Administrative Systems
  • Carla Eisler, Director, Advancement & Alumni Affairs
  • Kristen Fisher, Acting Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Grant Hamilton, Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Andrea McDaniel, University Registrar
  • Allison Noto, Director, Financial & Registration Services
  • Susan Smale, Director, Business Operations
  • Melanie Sucha, Chief Information Officer

The Implementation Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing the execution of and overall implementation of tasks, timelines, and resolving issues. The Implementation Leadership Team ensures proper attendance of non-project personnel and meets on a specified schedule.

The team is comprised of functional and technical representatives from the offices/departments affected by the project and are subject matter experts.

The Implementation Leadership Team’s primary responsibility is to drive completion of each deliverable within the designated time frame. In addition to its primary role, the Project Implementation Team makes recommendations, provides status reports to appropriate reporting hierarchy, and reviews issues to develop appropriate responses.