Game Changer: An event, idea, or procedure that affects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

At Brandon University, our game changers are our people – students, faculty and collaborators. They advocate for Indigenous health, discover prehistoric mammals, study the impacts of bullying, and create music, art and literature. They help change the ways in which we think about, view, and affect change in the world around us.

We hope that you enjoy GameChangers – a 2015 collection of stories about research, creativity, and innovation at Brandon University.

Innovative and inspiring research and discoveries continue at Brandon University, and are regularly featured in our new publication: Research Connection.


Healthcare for All?

Lawyer and healthcare advocate Dr. Yvonne Boyer is advancing Aboriginal rights through a five-year federal research initiative.

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Ancient Animals: Researcher Discovers Two New Mammals

Biology professor Dr. David Greenwood has played a pivotal role in discovering two new prehistoric mammals that roamed North America 52 million years ago.

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Boys Will Be Boys

Dr. Jonathan A. Allan says the contemporary definition of masculinity is unattainable, creating ‘angry white males’ and triggering men’s rights groups across North America.

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Going Organic

Biology professor Dr. Terence McGonigle is studying an organic farm in southern Manitoba to better understand the owners’ success and to pass along that knowledge to other organic growers.

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Capacity Building in Northern Manitoba

The Vital Outcome Indicators for Community Engagement (VOICE) Research Project is a 5-year Community-University Research Alliance project.

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Former Bobcat Studies Impact of Sports on Students with Learning Disabilities

A Brandon University graduate is undertaking a year-long study to investigate the effects of school sports on students with learning disabilities.

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Students Honoured for Cutting-Edge Research

Students from Brandon University were honoured for summer research projects, which include understanding drug resistance and creating new synthetic materials to build better computers and medical diagnostic equipment.

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Protecting Prairie Lizards

Manitoba’s only lizard, the endangered northern prairie skink, will receive new protection thanks to efforts by a researcher from Brandon University.

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Debut Release from BU Violinist

An internationally-acclaimed musician and teacher at BU has released her debut album, exploring themes of European folk tunes and Romanticism. Violinist Kerry DuWors joins forces with pianist Futaba Niekawa in the group duo526 to present BALLADE.

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Comparing Models of Democracy

A BU professor has written a ground-breaking, go-to guide for politicians and policymakers trying to bring peace to conflict-ravaged regions.

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National Dialogue Held on Civil Internment

All Canadians touched by civilian internment were invited to take part in an historic discussion on civil liberty and national security in Winnipeg in the Spring of 2015.

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One Atom, Two Places?

Can something be in two places at once? Dr. Sarah Plosker has been awarded a federal research grant to explore a long-standing theory which says yes.

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Reimagining Tradition

River Measures, the newest project within music professor Dr. Leanne Zacharias’ Music for Spaces performance research initiative, was commissioned last year by the Austin New Music Co-op and funded through the Canada Council for the Arts as well as the City of Austin.

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Grant Fuels Professor’s Research with Local Significance

Dr. Alison Marshall, Professor in the Department of Religion at Brandon University, recently launched her latest book, Cultivating Connections: The Making of Chinese Prairie Canada.

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New Project to Increase Rural and Urban Dialogue

Brandon University is leading a new $5.2 million international partnership, including $2.5 million in federal grants, to strengthen the voices of rural and northern communities.

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Stressors and Strategies

Dr. W. Dean Care, Professor and Dean of Health Studies, is collaborating with researchers from the University of Saskatchewan (Dr. Sonia Udod) and the University of Alberta (Dr. Greta Cummings) on a research project entitled: Nurse manager role stressors and coping strategies: Perspectives for solving complex organizational conditions.

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Researchers in the Making

Photo gallery of future researchers being groomed in the Biology of Parasitic Disease lab.

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Housing and Support in the Community of Choice

A partnership between BU Faculty of Health Studies researchers, Dr. Renee Robinson and Katherine Pachkowski, and the Manager of Residential and Support Services with the Prairie Mountain Health, Brent White, has addressed the factors that contribute to migration and subsequent homelessness.

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Head, Heart, and Hands

Dr. Chris Brown, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Brandon University alumnus, is making a difference in the livesof educators and their students.

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Researchers Develop Unique Program to Reduce Stigma

Brandon University’s Psychiatric Nursing Program is currently offering a course that addresses the human element in the road to recovery from mental illness.

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Examining Cultural Factors in Learning

Work is well underway in the Assessing and Supporting Young Children’s Oral Language and Writing Development through Play in Classrooms, Daycares and Homes in Northern Communities Project funded by a $2.8 million SSHRC Partnership Grant awarded to the University of Toronto, the University of Saskatchewan, and Brandon University over a seven-year period (2013-2020).

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