FAQ – Residence Life

When and where do I check-in?

Please see our check-in procedures page for more information.

Do you provide in-house cable and internet?

Please see our miscellaneous services page for more information on cable TV rental and internet.

What happens if something in my room needs repairing, or if I damage something in my room?

Please contact the Residence Office Staff or an RA to report problems requiring immediate attention, such as plumbing repairs or electrical problems.

Students will be charged for the cleaning and repairs to residence halls of room walls, ceilings, floors, furniture & fixtures if caused through negligent care and use. Approximate costs for various types of damage are available at the Residence Office. Please contact the Residence Office Staff or an RA to report room damages.

Where can I do laundry?

McMaster Hall laundry facilities are located on even-numbered floors in the west back hallway. Darrach and Flora Cowan Hall laundry facilities are located in the basement of each residence. Residents are expected to launder their own linens and clothes. If you need assistance in using the washer and dryer or need to report a problem with the machines, contact one of the RA’s or the Residence Office Staff.

What can I do if I don’t like my room mate or can mate?

In circumstances that room mates are not getting along, room transfers may be arranged. No transfers are available prior to October 1st. Students wishing to change rooms during the course of the year may apply to do so by completing the Room Change Application form, obtained from the Residence Office staff. All room changes are administered through the Director of Residence.

Can my spouse/partner be my room mate?

No, unfortunately our Residence Complex is primarily an undergraduate facility and is not designed for accommodating couples or students with children.

Can I have alcohol in the residence?

Residents 18 years and older may consume alcohol in their rooms, however, there is no drinking of alcohol allowed in the hallways or lounges in the Residence Complex. “Open Alcohol” fines are $30.00, and these fines are given out by the Residence Assistants.

Please note: loud boisterous behaviour is NOT tolerated in our Residence and any residents not able to abide by this rule are asked to leave residence before the end of their accommodation contract.

Can I smoke in the residence?

There is no smoking allowed in any hallway or public area. A no smoking policy has been implemented in the Residence Complex.

Can I have guests overnight?

Yes, a 24-hour open house is in effect for all residences; visitors are allowed to remain in the room for 24 hours. Normally a resident is allowed one guest – in exceptional circumstances this may be increased to a maximum of three with the permission of the Director of Residences. As a resident you are totally responsible for your visitors and you are only free to entertain a visitor in your own room. You are responsible for the actions of your guests, so please: never sign in anyone you don’t know and trust, and stay with your guests while they are in the Residence Complex.

  • Guests under the age of 18 years old are not permitted in the Residence unless they are a relative: and then they must be registered with the Residence Office.
  • Visitors arriving between 11 pm and 6 am must be signed in at the Security Office by the resident accompanying the guest.
  • The resident student must show their student ID card to the guard when signing in a guest, but is not required to leave it with him.