Guest Sign In

Guest Policy

Residents are welcome to have guests in Residence and are responsible for ensuring guests know and abide by the regulations and procedures in this Residence Handbook. Any guest found violating the regulations will be asked to leave and may be banned from further visits.

Residents will be held accountable for any disruption or damage caused by their guests and may be subject to sanctions for any violations of the Residence Handbook regulations committed by their guests.

All guests entering residence after 11pm must register with Security Services and provide photo identification. Visiting guests who are unable to provide photo identification and/or are not properly registered with Security Services will be required to leave.

Since most residents share accommodations with a roommate it is of utmost importance and respect for this person to have their permission prior to having an overnight guest.

Residents are required to “sign in” overnight guests each time they visit Residence using the online guest sign-in form. This assists residence officials during emergencies to have an aware of additional occupants in the buildings.

Overnight guests may stay overnight in Residence for three (3) consecutive nights to a maximum of seven (7) overnight stays in a month. Occupants who want to have a guest stay longer than three (3) consecutive overnights must submit a completed request by email to the Residence Office at least five days in advance of the guest’s visit.

Guests should not be left alone in lounges, other common areas or individual rooms. Guests are not permitted to carry keys belonging to Residence. Guests may be refused entry if they do not have proper photo identification, or if they are being rude or disruptive to any member of the Residence community, including Security.

Residence reserves the right to suspend guest privileges in any or all Residence buildings during the times of orientation and student exams.