Living With A Roommate

University is a great experience and living on-campus  allows students to enjoy the convenience and forms long lasting relationships. A relationship that needs the most work will be the relationship you have with your roommate. It may have its challenges, but the relationship skills you build now will help you in the future, both in career and socially.  To help you get off to a great start with your roommate, your Residence Assistant will guide you through the roommate agreement once you have both arrived.

Lay the Ground Work

Communicate.  Try spending some time together, getting to know one another. Let your roommate know about any quirks and preferences you may have. Communicating will eliminate problems before they become problems. If issues arise, communicate them immediately as to avoid bigger issues.

Respect.  Don’t use, borrow, or take anything without getting permission.

Rules.  Create some ground rules right from the beginning to avoid an argument later on. Make modifications when necessary.

Negotiate.  If there is a problem, call a meeting so you can work it out. Remember to approach this discussion calmly and reasonably. Try to decide what is most important to you and find a compromise.

Expectations. Sharing a room is a learned skill. It is not fair to expect your roommate to pick up on your habits and preferences right away, and vice versa. With time, you can expect that each of you will learn and grow as individuals.

Roommate Conflict: Resolving the Issues

First step: Speak to your roommate. Communicate the issues when the time is right (both parties need to mutually agree on a time). Listen to what the other has to say. Revisit the rules you mutually put in place. Compromise and move forward; working on a relationship is about give and take.

Second step: Speak with your R.A. and ask for help on mediation. Your R.A. is a neutral party and should be able to see both sides and offer resolution.

Third step: Set up a meeting with the Residence Manager. Both parties need to be in attendance in order to present the issue. A decision will be made in regards to a room transfer at this point.